“JD Meatyard offers proof that thrilling, visceral, directly political music is still available for those wishing to scratch beneath the surface. While last year’s collection, ‘Taking the Asylum’, had been John Donaldson’s most understated and reflective album, his live performances as captured on this release see him in ferocious form”

Nick Toczec Rock n Reel

“JD Meatyard is so much more than yet another singer songwriter…’Never Seen A Kid Born Bad’ hangs in your head all day, ’10 Miles Low’ rocks out and ‘Satisfied Heart’ is indescribably beautiful. ‘Taking The Asylum’ is a superb and superlative album”

Tim Peacock - 'whispering and hollerin'

'Northern Songs' by JD Meatyard - stuffed with songs exposing raw nerves and picking at open sores. “It’s easy to write when you’re down/ self-pity is fertile ground,” JD notes sagely on ‘Happy Song For Amsterdam Man’, before allowing the darkness to become all too visible on ‘I Cracked (You’re Better Now)’, which could almost be Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy. The LP's finest moment is with 'Standing on The Shoulders of Better Men', a rousing anthem that salutes the left field pioneers from Don van Vliet through to Mark E Smith...Personally, I would include JD in this list of unsung heroes”

Mark Whitby, Louder Than War

This is an artist looking deeper within himself and uncovering a quite stunning range and depth  If Northern Songs presented JD Meatyard at what felt like the peak of his powers, Taking The Asylum shows not only that he’s still there, but that he’s characteristically and defiantly refusing to stand still.

‘Trust The Wizards’

               “This combination of the personal and the political, the Love Songs And Rage, works perfectly in creating a passionately intelligent and heartfelt look at the world we live in…”