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here's to a peaceful, loving 2018 - to all.

Hi, i'm jd... I know friends in NYC were sort of humorous re Trump gettin elected - they simply thought it farcical...well as we know now he sure did get elected and farce isn't the word. I cannot believe the angst, the pain and the bigotry that this man has prompted across the globe - like Brexit but on a different scale. How have we let this happen? I'm thinking now that he will be that step to far, the final push of the neo libs that even the Sun or Daily Mail readers will recognise as the attack on humanity that it is... a wee interview here...

 culturematters.org.uk -http://culturematters.org.uk/…/…/music/item/2662-jd-meatyard ... a change just has gotta come, no?  you can get albums and the occasional t shirt here- CLICK ON MUSIC STORE TOP OF PAGE...or maybe easier go to jdmeatyard1.bandcamp.com ... so lets see the end of the 'neo libs' project!   e mail me here jd@jdmeatyard.com Also cd's, vinyl and  downloads here jdmeatyard1.bandcamp.com...check out the great culturematters.org.uk for JDM interview today 15 november

Here we go music friends, here's every song on every album from the days of Levellers 5 and Calvin Party the (John Peel session days) through to the current releases as JD MEATYARD now on jdmeatyard1.bandcamp.com. You can have a listen, read notes about the song, the lyric ... some of the albums on CD or vinyl (limited hard copies now), download the album or even just a single song. I gotta say, there's some characters, some stories here... the book's on the way. There's a special deal for complete 10 album full catalogue download... so i'm told. I'm getting asked about lyrics, I've been adding them to band camp each day and the whole back catalogue will have the lyrics done soon... anyhow, all here on jdmeatyard1.bandcamp.com

Bido Lito. 'Whatever JD Meatyard's “I saw the son of a Parisian cyclist” means, you want to hear it again and again'

 jd meatyard... alternative, activist, a john peel regular back in the day... 

“JD Meatyard offers proof that thrilling, visceral, directly political music is still available for those wishing to scratch beneath the surface" Andrew Neil Louder Than War

"‘Satisfied Heart’ is indescribably beautiful. ‘Taking The Asylum’ is a superb and superlative album” Nick Toczec Rock n Reel

The LP's finest moment is with 'Standing on The Shoulders of Better Men', a rousing anthem that salutes the left field pioneers from Don van Vliet through to Mark E Smith...Personally, I would include JD in this list of unsung heroes”. Tim Peacock - 'whispering and hollerin'